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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is wbal-tv 11 news. >> nine people arrested, three of them prince george's county police officers. the fbi probe in maryland is widening. on friday, federal agents arrested jack johnson and his wife leslie for evidence and witness tampering. >> today, nine more people were put into handcuffs. what everyone wants to know is whether today's arrests are tied. the u.s. attorney will only say today's raids are connected to a series of related investigations. >> police officers are given badges and guns to prevent crimes, but the indictments in these cases allege that these three police officers used their badges and guns to commit crimes. >> u.s. attorney ron rosen stein unsealed indictments in an expanding corruption probe. the fbi has now arrested three prince george's county police officers and six other
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defendants. two of the officers are charged with extortion. >> they have been charged. these defendants agreed they would pay police officers in exchange for using their official authority to assist in the transport and distribution of untaxed cigarettes and alcohol. >> the other police officer faces cocaine and gun charges. that is in connection with drug trafficking. the fbi and irs rated more than two dozen properties in maryland and northern virginia. they're seeking the forfeiture of $4.50 million, 25 properties, 13 vehicles, and 84 bank accounts. the fed's content they are proceeds from crime are used to facilitate criminal acts. the question of the day is whether this is tied to the arrest friday of prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. >> we have a series of related corruption investigations in prince george's county that we are not going to talk about
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until we finish these investigations. >> the couple declined to discuss their legal troubles. >> i cannot comment on the case. >> the fbi took the couple into custody and charges of witness tampering and destruction of evidence. according to federal documents, it is in connection with a four year probe of providing things of value to public officials in exchange for favors. the indictment does not charge that johnson solicited or took bribes, but prosecutors said -- >> when you're doing really well. the family are strong. they had a lot of -- thousands of calls from citizens and all the church people called and said they are praying for us. that is listed -- that has lifted our spirits. we have a long row to hoe. >> leslie johnson, a newly elected council person, hitter
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against the credit with a jacket over her head. she continued to maintain her silence. >> do you have any comments this morning? >> nebraska come about? >> any comment about your future. -- >> any comment about? >> one of his accused that his co-defendants meeting at a liquor store. police promised to review that policy. a citizens group is pushing for legislation to make it easier to remove elected officials accused of crimes before they are convicted. currently, they can only be suspended if they are convicted of a crime or enter a plea of no contest. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the federal indictment seeks to forfeit significant assets, from $3.50 million to 25 properties, 13 vehicles, and separate accounts. what the feds say they are after and more on the corruption probe at
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click on local news. in baltimore city, sean james has been formally indicted on murder and weapons charges, accused of killing detective brian stephenson back in october. he allegedly threw a piece of concrete at the detectives had while the detective was off duty. and 11 news update on the deadly shooting. wheat board you this breaking news first on friday night. -- we first brought you this breaking news on friday night. one person is in custody. three others are being pursued in the death of a man at the wings and pizza. men walked in, announcing a hold up. it is unclear what led to the gunfire. lawrence would have turned 21 on saturday. >> he was the person everyone wanted to hang out with. my friend was a great person. i will miss him dearly. >> 17-year-old vincent has been charged. anyone with information on
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others still being sought is urged to call the police. >> to people have been arrested with a shooting in odington. a woman was shot at the royal farms just after 2:00 a.m.. neither of the men who were arrested have formally been charged. royal county police have also charged three people in the weekend stabbing at the food court in the mall. the three suspects were identified as 17-year-old kio evan, leondra simms, and an unknown juvenile. >> campuses are warning about crimes of opportunity. loyal left and puffs were recently crime scenes. -- loyola and tufts were recently crime scenes. the detail. >> a string of armed robberies on college campuses continued friday morning, when two students were robbed at
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knifepoint in maryland. loyola officials say the attack comes as a surprise. >> it has been years since a violent crime on our campus. when we heard, we were concerned. we want to do everything we can to assure this does not happen again. >> in baltimore county the night before, a student was held up in the parking lot of the essex campus. a woman who was not a student at towson was held up at gunpoint. officials tell us they're stepping up patrols on campus. loyola and ccbc said there were doing the same. >> these incidents are rare on our campus. this is the first incident of this type to happen this semester. >> it appears all these crimes are isolated incidents. >> baltimore county police say the incidents are not related, but serve as a reminder for students to be careful. they also expressed confidence
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in the various campus police departments. >> i think it is coincidence and could happen anywhere. all of these campuses are known for their safety. they are safe environments. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> police say they have a lead in at least one of those robberies. always be aware of your surroundings. to see a list of tips on how to say safe on campus and how canvases are helping, log onto our website, just click on local news. an embattled skating rink made headlines after an alleged rape in -- an alleged rape in august. they closed their doors, facing huge financial problems. the owners have been called to bankruptcy court. all licenses were revoked following the august rate. a woman said she was raped by a man and two teams in a storage locker. >> in the holiday season, be prepared for tightened security. >> be ready for new procedures
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you are not used to. we are joined at the marshall /bwi airport with more information. >> homeland security officials defended body scanners and personal putdowns at airports, but some travelers feel these are too personal and an invasion of privacy. >> it was new for me. >> stephanie wilding got a pat down she was not expecting on her way home from baltimore from salt lake city, utah. >> they said can you cut me down? i said sure. she gently patted, said turn around. >> it did not bother her, but there is growing fat -- growing backlash over putdowns and body scans. the psa and department of homeland security announced increased security measures heading into the holiday travel season. passengers get a more personal pat down, where officers use the front of their hands to search for weapons or explosives hidden
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in private areas. that is if they opt out of a full body skin, where officers are able to peer underneath clothing. >> i think it is too invasive. it is the way people are hiding things on their bodies. i would rather have the personal putdown, i think. >> the homeland security secretary said the changing measures are about keeping passengers save. >> it is being done for passenger safety and security, and because of the changing threat environment we have had. >> we found only one traveler at the airport tonight who said they had gone to a body skin or a pat down. >> no problems. i just walked through and was not uncomfortable. we were treated well everywhere we went. no problems at all. >> it does not appear the controversy over increased security measures will go away soon. some travelers rights groups have threatened to boycott scanners and back up security lines at the busy day before
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thanksgiving at national airports. and security officials urged passengers to participate in the "see something, say something" campaign. it urges passengers to be aggressive about reporting suspicious activity, particularly during the holidays. reporting at bwi, wbal-tv 11 news. >> this session of congress could be named anything but lame. elected officials arrive for orientation as many republicans welcomed members of the tea party with open arms. mitch mcconnell announced they have been on the republican earmarks, which require funds for a specific problem. there is growing consensus on tax cuts and unemployment benefits, but do not expect quick decisions. >> for the most part, republicans are going to try to kick the ball down the field and deal with things in january, when they do not have to deal with speaker pelosi. >> republicans are expected to
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vote tomorrow on the voluntary earmarked band. >> the video you do not want to miss, ahead. >> what happened when this rodeo bull decided he wanted a first row seat with the people who came to watch him. >> they basically never have to leave facebook ever. >> the latest idea and will keep you connected at all times. >> i have the story of how an army reserve man killed in afghanistan will be honored in a unique way. how the family reached out to soldiers returning from combat. >> low pressure from the gulf coast brings rain. some could be heavy.
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>> 3 deer ran inside a buffalo, new york birthers restore yesterday. a but chased a doe and a phone into whitman's. they totaled the produce
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department for taking back off into the woods. the store was closed. officials say the damage was considerable. this is less comical. four people were hurt after a bull charged the stands during a rodeo in canada. a rider was able to rope the ball after it hopped the fence. it was the first such incident in the rodeo's 37-year history. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> retail sales spiked last month, heading into the holiday shopping season. it appears demand for cars led the way. although sales rose just over 1% last month. if you have a fear of flying out of facebook and missing a message, you may not have to do that. the company said it is adding e- mail, so users can do nearly all the communication through that one sight. project tighten is aimed at keeping the half-million users
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on facebook connected with people who may not yet have one, without ever leaving the site. >> we think this similar messaging is going to be how people shift a lot of their communication. we will see how that happens over time. if we build a good product people want to use, people will use it. >> facebook e-mail will roll out over the next few months. users will be provided a address. >> now to the war in afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack on a u.s. military base. the taliban official says fighters fired a rocket at the base today. the claim smoke was seen rising from inside the base. u.s. and nato officials could not be reached for comment. the military says insurgents have stepped up their attacks in recent weeks. the afghan foreign minister says tommy karzai is planning for security forces to take the
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lead in defending afghanistan by the year 2014. >> afganization is transition of the security to national forces. afghan forces should start by 2011 and should finish by 2014. >> president obama has set july, 2011 as the target to begin drawing down u.s. troops if conditions allow. family, friends, and fellow serviceman gathered at arlington national serviceman -- arlington national cemetery. >> the army specialist died when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive devices today. the memorial on the first anniversary of his death served as a springboard for his family to launch an organization to support soldiers returning from the law. kerrey joins us live in the studio with more. >> it was the first time the coughlin family and that many who were with serviceman chris
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cochrane on the day he died. there were struck by the physical and emotional scars some carried, and honoring the memory by helping those adjusting to life after combat. >> he donned his first fatigues at age 42, enlisting in the army reserve of two days before the age cutoff. he trained for a year to deploy to afghanistan. lynn coughlin says her brother was pragmatic about his choice. >> what if you do not come back? he said, "i have had a great run. i have had a great life. i am ok with that." he was at peace some time in his heart. >> for brother who volunteered to take on a mission in a volatile area. >> in particular, my brother took his place because he had two children. my brother said, "i will go. you stay back. it will be dangerous."
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>> the intelligence specialist and two other men were killed by an ied blast. his family debated the best way to honor the heroes they knew, a man who played or coached football on three continents, studied anthropology in africa, and probably give his life for his country. >> that is something he has taught me, to follow your dreams and passions and the confident in decisions you make, and do what you love. have a good time doing it. the confident. >> that spirit gave rise to the christopher coughlin memorial fund. the goal is to help soldiers returning from combat. >> the have to have help, whether it be physical, emotional, career change, reentry into civilian life. they really are the heroes. my father was a hero, but my brothers pain is not the way he died. >> i think he would be honored
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that we are giving in other people opportunities to better themselves, or to help their families. >> the christopher coughlin memorial fund has already raised $5,000. you can learn more on our website, click on the "as seen on" tab. >> now your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> wet weather is going to be with us overnight and tomorrow, not tapering off until tomorrow evening. this storm comes out of the gulf coast region. rain has been heavier to our south, where the system is coming from. it is moving quickly. the rain stretches down the appalachians into north georgia and the gulf coast, big thunderstorms. all of that is going to work its way to our region over the next 24 hours or so. the almanac shows temperatures close to normal as far as afternoon highs. 56 degrees at bwi.
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57 at the inner harbor. only a trace of precipitation at both, but much more where that came from. temperatures are going to start to level off and hold steady from here until morning. mid 40's in northern baltimore. not a lot cooler as you get west. low 40's in frostburg. the lower eastern shore will probably be the driest part of the state as far as total precipitation. at dawn, most of the rain from the bay into the mountains, where heavy showers can be occurring. temperatures above where they are now. sunrise at 6:51. low pressure is now organizing. it is expected to drive west of the mountains. it will try to drive saudi air into the mid atlantic and may trigger a thunderstorm in parts of virginia and the carolinas. steady rain tomorrow. tomorrow evening, showers and
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begin to taper. wednesday, this system lifts off to new england and moves away. thursday, a second system approach and with some cooler air, cold enough to turn your snow showers in the mountains thursday afternoon. a transition behind the storm. blue and purple totals west of town. you see maybe 2 inches of rain out west. green shading across southern maryland and the eastern shore. we are expecting a half inch or less in those spots. north and west of the i-95 corridor is were heavier rains are possible. 56 to 61 tomorrow. temperatures closer to normal for this time of year, but a wet and cloudy day. there may be somewhat -- storms enough for a small craft advisory. the maryland mountains may get a little snow. 58 around the bay on tuesday. some areas of rain. maybe a slight chance for a thunderstorm around kokomo's
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city and up to ocean city tomorrow evening, where temperatures will be nearer 60. a saudi tuesday. showers possible in the morning wednesday, then and sunny in the afternoon. on thursday, a sprinkle possible. 52 as the sun comes back friday. on the weekend, high-temperature is in the 50's. >> the ravens' hosted an auction party this afternoon. the sold-out event featured food and live auction items. players were also on hand. who is that guy? there were 500 guests. all proceeds went to the raven'' charitable arm. >> she forgot my name. i tell you, the working conditions. a new week and a new focus for the ravens. you will hear why, coming up next.
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>> tonight's multi magic 5 has an estimated annuity of $2,950,000. your numbers are 7, 37, 2, 21, 30, and 43. if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbs to $3,100,000. the next joint is thursday night at 11:22 here on wbal.
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>> 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> with seven games left and three of those in the division, the ravens' need a strong finish to november. last year, they had a win in the final week to get into the playoffs. the loss is becoming a losing streak this season. they face a challenge for a third time after last week's loss in atlanta. this week's opponent, the carolina panthers, do not present as tough a talent as the falcons did. that said, john cannot let his players began comparing the opponents.
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they have to be opponents, improving their record and their chance for a franchise's third straight trip to the playoffs. >> 6 and 3? i would rather be nine and zero. are we happy with six and three? no. but that is where we are. we are on top of the division and how our faith in our own hands. that is what we are talking about. wheat when -- whenever we can accomplish this year, we are going to do it. >> , a quarterback for carolina -- but which one? he suffered a concussion on that play, the last offensive play sunday against the buccaneers. if laws and cannot go on sunday against the ravens, the sixth round draft pick out of cincinnati will make his first nfl start. he is a former bearcat. whatever rookie makes the start will see a steady stream of pressure from the ravens' on sunday. the city has quite a reputation for throwing money at problems
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quite like washington. that seems to include the redskins. quarterback don and the cab was signed to a huge contract -- donovan mcnabb was signed to a huge contract extension after benching him. that includes $6.30 million guarantee. that is after a shaky first half year which has not brought the early dividends for the redskins. philly leads washington on football 50-21 in the second half with a lot to play. on state championships, we want your vote for the game of the week. three games to choose from. south carolina versus middldtown, eastern tech versus city. cast your vote on baseball's rookie of the year vote elevates a giant and 8 raven to the top.
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the record for 40 saves this year. a comfortable lead over boston jackson. the giants' catcher is closing out 8-3, first year in the big leagues, winning the rookie of the year in his first season. he won eight world series and rookie of the year his first year in the major leagues. there have been titles including women's soccer and field hockey, but the success will not include a quiddich championship. the game taken from the harry potter movies through teams from 46 schools to manhattan. not as much expense as the movies. middlebury college one for a fourth straight year. you'd figure that would. no word on the final rating of maryland and hopkins. they are covered by the cloak of invisibility. stick around. tom tasselmyer will unveil the
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>> the 7 day forecast features rain tomorrow, a cloudy, but, chilly day. the high will be 58. the sun comes back to the, on wednesday, 62. >> it is a reverse monday. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you tomorrow night.
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